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Folsom Electric Psg Max

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Manufacturer: Folsom Electric Company
: XR-FE101
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Take Your ElectroSex/Electric Stimulation to a higher level!

Made by Folsom Electric Company, the MAX has dual outputs, but each are completely independent and isolated from each other. Power output is alternated between the two channels so that both channels never have output at exactly the same time. Besides the interesting effect, this feature also allows for safer application under certain conditions.

The Frequency control on the PSG-MAX is an adjustment of the rate or cycle time. It can be adjusted to provide a very long off cycle time (for a slow pulse rate) to an extremely short off time (producing a very fast rate of pulses).

The PSG-MAX has a Pulse Grouping function. When the Pulse switch is on, the generator produces a train of "grouped" pulses. The Rate Control provides for a very wide range of effect for this function.

The PSG-MAX also has quick disable buttons which can instantly turn off the output of either channel. A Green LED indicates the on or off state. A Red LED is also provided for each channel to provide a visual indication of the approximate amount of power each channel is producing (the brighter the LED, the higher the output).

The PSG-MAX is powered by a ordinary 9 volt transistor radio battery. The design of this signal generator provides for an extremely long battery life. Set comes with two pairs of output leads.

Note: Rimba accessories will work with Folsom with the KE110 adapter.

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