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Rubber Slave Hood

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Manufacturer: Strict Leather
: SL-LE420

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It is hard to describe the feeling a rubber mask inspires. Bondage enthusiast are going to really like this one. This restrictive and sensual hood has two eye and two small nostril holes without a mouth hole. The skin tight hood practically seals the mouth making very difficult to speak. Its can really be considered a gag. The nose holes are small making breathing slightly more difficult, this effect can be a big turn on for those who like breath play.

Latex clothing is designed to offer a skin tight fit at affordable prices. This one-size mask is made of high quality latex materials requiring a small amount of care. Made of very strong, durable, stretchy rubber, it allows a tight conforming fit.

Note: this hood should be used with caution. The nose holes are small requiring the utmost care. Using a little corn starch can make it much easier to get the hood on. Do not be afraid to stretch this one out.

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