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COLT Master Cleanser 3.5 Ounce Soft Tipped Enema Syringe


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Manufacturer: COLT Studios
: SE-6875-10
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Why can’t cleaning be all fun and games? Get into the mood with this syringe-style douche as you role-play doctor and nurse. Alternatively, use this syringe-style for a deep clean, as it provides an amazing amount of pressure. You’ll “master” your cleansing routine with the COLT® Master Cleanser.

The syringe holds your favorite fluid or water, and all you have to do is pull the handle ring to fill, depress, release. The tip is soft and flexible, and crafted of hygienically body safe material. The syringe and cap are crafted from PP, with the connector of ABS, the nozzle of phthalate-free PVC, and a ring of pure silicone to prevent leakage. Compatible with water based lubes, this superior cleansing system has universal measurements, and a tip that’s easy to remove for cleaning.

This reusable douche is long lasting and pliable. With the COLT® Master Cleanser™, you’ll have a delicious and sensual douching experience just waiting for you to enjoy.

So why let an accident spoil the mood? Anal sex is best when it’s clean, and with the COLT® Master Cleanser™ anal douche cleaning has never been easier than with this body-safe, system that can’t be beat.

For maximum enjoyment, use with a water-based lubricant. To maintain its cleanliness, wash each part thoroughly with warm, soapy water before and after each use.

  • Hygienic cleansing system with universal measurements 
  • Soft and pliable tip is removable for easy cleaning 
  • Holds up to 3.5 fl oz/100 ml 
  • PP (syringe, cap) ABS (connector) 
  • Phthalate-Free PVC (nozzle) Silicone (ring)
4.75" x .5"/12 cm x 1.25 cm (tip)

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